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Plumbing crossing electrical conduit in basement ceiling

I'm refinishing my basement and need to move some of the copper pipes to get more headroom. In some places, I have electrical wires running through galvanized pipe conduit. Where the existing plumbing crosses the conduit, I notice that the copper pipe goes underneath the electrical conduit.

If I were to move the copper water pipes to go over the electrical conduit, would this be a problem? The only reason I can think of why I shouldn't do this is if the pipe ever sprung a leak, it could drip on the electrical conduit.

Is it okay to move the water pipe, or should I leave it alone?

Re: Plumbing crossing electrical conduit in basement ceiling

The way it currently exists ... if the copper pipe was to spring a leak on the top ... it would spray water onto the conduit.
Besides conduit is used outside and can be exposed to the elements as well.... so it shouldn't be an issue.

Just make sure the two don't touch since they are dis-similar metals there will be a chemical reaction (electrolysis) between the two and the copper pipe will spring a leak.

Hope this helps.:)

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