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Please Help - Sump Pump Runs Continously

The past year my sump pump has been running continuously. It has come to a point where it is running once every couple of mins. Here are some of the things that I’ve done so far.

1. Two weeks ago I called water utility to check if there was a water main break so they took a sample from sump pit discharge and said that they could not find any traces of flouride

  1. There is an easement on the back of my property which has two storm drains and got them checked too and drainage team said nothing was wrong and even if there were cracks in the storm drain pipe it wouldn’t affect us since elevation/grade decreases from the road to my house to the storm drain.
  2. Water main did break yesterday and I asked if there was a way they can tell how long ago did the water main break but they weren’t able to tell me

I fear my sump pump will break soon. I don't have a back up pump and i dont know what I should do. should I get a test kit and test it on my own or send it to independant lab just in case water utility is not telling the truth? should i get an independant contractor who checks for leaks? i would rather get to the root of the issue as opposed to treating the symptoms.

Here are some other facts:

1. my sump pit appears to be small and more rectangular in shape like a 12"x12"x36"

2. my neighbors dont have the same problem

3. no leaks are inside the house

4. i do not have my gutters connected to a dry well (its on my TO DO list)

5. my sump pump discharge goes far away from the house

your advise is appreciated. Thank you.



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