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Please Help - Really Odd Bore Holes and Backsets


We have this 1939 built house and we've taken all the doors off and scraped and re-painted them and are re-hanging them with new hinges and installing new doorknobs.

One of the doors has this teeny tiny little doorknob that I must replace. It appears to be about 2 1/4" diameter, but the backset is the weirdest thing I've ever seen - it is SO close to the edge of the door. The backset is about 1 3/4" (measurement from the edge of the door to the center of the hole.)

I'm having trouble finding a replacement knob that comes with that short of a backset. And because it is so close, I can't just bore a new hole without still having a gap there.

Can I fill that gap with a block and wood putty and then just re-drill? (We're going to paint these doors, anyways.)

Does anyone know a resource for knobs that come with smaller backsets?

Thanks for your input,

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Please Help - Really Odd Bore Holes and Backsets

you didn't say if the door and handle/lockset in question is an entry/security door, a inside passage door, a locking interior door (like a bathroom or bedroom door) or a closet door.

there are wrap around metal plates or flat plates that you can wrap a door with after you plug it and rebore it, but...

there are restoration hardware options depending on the type of lockset/door set you want to install, and there is always the possiblity of tracking down hardware from a salvage shop, an antique store, or a flea market, etc.

the door knob doesn't seem to be the issue, you might want to look at a diagram of the anatomy of a lockset or latchset with a key and a glossary of terms.

there are some on line catalog retailers for restoration hardware and antique hardware some of their faq pages might be helpful to you.

from the little you described i wonder if someone put a knob on where there was originally a handle or lever, or that it was originally a dummy knob not a latchset.

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