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Please help me ID this crazy blob on my windowsill!

Bought my house about 3 years ago (built in 1948). New(er) windows and doors. One day that summer, I went to walk upstairs and was grossed out by what appeared to me a melted piece of chocolate on my windowsill (ewe). My sister's kids were over the day before, and I figured one of them set some candy there. Cleaned it up with paper towels and Fantastik..consistency like melted chocolate, and it left an oily residue. The next year (probably down to the exact month), I see it again!!! Now, I live alone and nobody had been over, so this wasn't placed there by anyone! It looked as if something dropped from the ceiling and landed on the windowsill. Nothing on the ceiling. A chocolate brown/black "blob"..circle, heaped up, on the windowsill, close to the seam of the window (definitely not a bug or anything)! I took a photo, and waited awhile. This time, when I went to clean it, it crumbled...like a dirt. Looked almost like a half ping-pong ball of cocoa powder!!! This stuff has no scent, is not any type of critter "waste" or anything, and doesn't grow...it's not there, then it's there! Only one window, only once a year, in the summer. It appears ONCE, then it's done.

This year I was thinking, "wonder if it'll show again?" 2 days later, there it is (a month earlier than last year)!!! Again- like melted blob of chocolate! If it were mold, would I see it grow? Would it be a gooey blob that turns powdery???? What is this?????? I need ghostbusters :(

(tried to attach pictures, but it must be too big...sorry)

For reference, I live in Ohio. Was in the upper 80's for awhile, now lower 70's. The window faces west.

Thanks! Jennifer

Re: Please help me ID this crazy blob on my windowsill!

A wild guess - a cocoon of some sort?

Re: Please help me ID this crazy blob on my windowsill!

Thought of that, but I doubt it- it's gooey, when cleaned it literally looks just like cleaned up chocolate. Last year it was two blobs near each other- not perfectly symmetrical. After it sits a bit, it's powdery (color remains). It must somehow seap in from the base of the window/sill...and puff up somehow??????? :confused:

Re: Please help me ID this crazy blob on my windowsill!

What about some sort of sap being expelled from the wood? Have you removed the sill to see what is underneath? Could be some type of old adhesive under there that is being forced out through a weak spot in the wood during certain temperatures.

Re: Please help me ID this crazy blob on my windowsill!

Maybe put shelf paper on that window sill.

When the blob shows up next year you'll be able to tell whether it came into existance from the wood below or the ceiling above.

You also need to prepare yourself for the very real possibility that there may be no identifiable source for these blobs. You may just have to put them in the same bag as the Burmuda Triangle, UFO's and crop circles, and live with that situation. Sometimes reality doesn't conform to our expectations.

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