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Plastic Drain line tiny leak

House and plumbing are 25 years old. Drain lines are all white PVC pipe and accessible in the basement. On one of my 2" drain lines coming out of the kitchen, at one of the connections, I'm getting a very slight drip (about 10 drops a day) and also on my 4" drain line, I'm getting a similar 1 drop an hour drip at one of the connections. No where else in the house are there any leaks that I can see. My question: Is there a fix short of ripping out the fitting and regluing in new connections? Could I clean up the joint as is, and use either a silicone sealer or wet environment glue to re-glue these two connections? Anyone have similar experiences with successful fixes?

Re: Plastic Drain line tiny leak

From your post description I take it you're talking about 2" and 4" cemented joints, and not the screw-on compression fittings.

You should be able to try & clean both joints where the leak is with sandpaper or emery cloth to get the joint as clean as possible; blow out the joints with a bike pump, rubber syringe, turkey baster.

Avoid using the drains for ~15 minutes.

There are 2 four ounce cans you need to buy at the big box stores; they cost ~$3 each; they're stocked right next to each other on the shelves.

One is Oatey Cleaner for PVC pipes; the other is Oatey All Purpose Cement for PVC pipes.

Wear safety glasses for these next steps.

After preparing the drains with sandpaper, apply the cleaner all around the joint with the handy applicator inside.

Then take the All Purpose cement, also with the handy applicator inside and run a thin amount of cement all around the joint.

Capillary action should draw it into the joint where the leak is.

Allow the cement to set for 10 minutes & then try using the drains.

For further info on working with PVC plastic drain pipe, go to the site below & scroll down to the Search Page.

Enter "PVC drain pipe" (without the quotes). in the Hammerzone search box to get several articles with photos on repairing pvc pipe.

This may or may not work the first time out; but it's worth your while to try again, or even use super glue (protect your eyes).

The worst that can happen is you won't fix the leak & you can then cut out the offending sections & put in a coupling joint using the same Oatey cans, or use a Fernco joint.

Read through some of the articles at the Hammerzone site to familiarize yourself with these different joints, & pvc plastic fittings.


Re: Plastic Drain line tiny leak

Thanks for the info. I'm quite familiar with the Oatey products, as I have always used both the purple primer, and the red can of glue when doing pvc plumbing jobs. But since I didn't do these joints, and I've never had a PVC joint go bad on me until now, I wasn't sure what the fix was.

I like your directions for fixing it, the only thing I think I might add, is to take a can of compressed air (the kind the nerdy computer guys use to blow electrical connections clean) and try to clean and dry out the joint with a blast of air before I apply the glue.

Wish me luck. I'll try to post some before and after pix, and the results of this project so others can benefit as well. And again, thanks for the great advice.

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