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Re: Plaster walls tooled to look like subway tile?

The Venetian plaster product I found at lowes is like a paint on product. The sales lady ther told me a good primer and then good quatlity paint with edges calked should be fine.
What do ya'll think?

I found water proof and dry loc but did not find anything for ornamental plaster. Sales lady said not to use those products because the paint has to breath.

Clear as mud... Right?

Re: Plaster walls tooled to look like subway tile?

i just scrapped layers of paint off the bathroom wall plus a layer of wallpaper and found this same plaster/tile wall underneath...

does anyone know what was used to "color" these plaster tiles?
i did the quick test for latex vs oil but nothing showed on the cottonball...

Re: Plaster walls tooled to look like subway tile?

I know this is an old thread, but my searches today brought me here. I believe I have the same plaster treatment in a home I have. Previous owner provided invoices of a good deal of repairs that their previous owner had done. One had to do with this bathroom and the "attempt to restore the plaster on one of the walls". I wondered why this one wall looked so "rough" and yet had lines carved into the finish to try and look like blocks. The two other walls look like subway tile painted over many times but just doesn't quite look totally like tile. A friend of mine has the same treatment in his Virginia bathroom. He confirmed at least from my description that it could be plaster originally to look like the tile. What remains seems nice enough to try and preserve. I am not sure about trying to remove the paint to the plaster and paint anew and seal. I definitely would like to paint the original walls and attempt a faux finish on the "repaired wall". Something to look like exposed brick with sections of plaster here and there.

Good to be here.


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