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Plaster wall falling?

My husband and I have lived in our 100-year-old house for 2 years now. About 2 months ago we noticed "bubbling" of the paint in our bedroom near the ceiling, and found a roof leak which was repaired. Since that time, we've heard noises that sound like small falling objects between our bedroom wall and the outer wall. We initially figured it was due to the leak, but months later are still hearing it, and even in other parts of the house. Neither of us ever recall hearing these noises before. Is this normal with what we think are plaster walls? Should we have a contractor come look at it? We're not even sure what kind of contractor to ask to come out (general vs. plaster specialist).

Re: Plaster wall falling?

What sounds like small falling objects falling in the walls could indeed be small falling objects pushed by small crawling varmints such as squirrels.

In 100 year old balloon frame construction, there is little to impede something from falling from the attic clear to the basement. I would suggest you go into the attic with a flashlight to check things out. Look for signs of nests or rays of light emanating from holes where they shouldn't be.

Hank Bauer
Re: Plaster wall falling?

My guess is the plaster is applied over wood lath.
When the water leak caused a high moisture rate within the wall area the wood and plaster moved with the expansion. When the wood dried and returned to normal size the plaster remained seperated from the lath and the plaster keys are falling into the wall cavity.
Use your fist or open hand abd hit the wall surface one time and listen for falling plaster if you hear one or two per hit no problem but if you hear many falling pieces your plasterkeys have failed or are failing if it is just small areas effected than look up Big Wally's Adhesive for reattachment.

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