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plaster ceiling or drywall?

Hey guys. I recently purchased a home built in 1960. There are a couple areas on the ceiling that is crumbling/falling. To be honest, I'm not sure if I have a drywall ceiling or a plaster ceiling. How can I tell? Under one of the areas, I see a flat, shiny surface(if that helps). I'm just not sure if the fallen pieces are actually joint compound (from a drywall ceiling) or plaster. The pieces are thin, perhaps 1/8 in.

Re: plaster ceiling or drywall?

from the 60's more than likely its plaster with latheboard as its base as opposed to wood lathe as used early on

tap on the wall with you hand. if it feels very hard and is slightly louder its prob plaster, if you do the same on drywall it wont feel as hard and will make more of a dull tapping noise

Re: plaster ceiling or drywall?

With latheboard, can I repair an area using drywall screws/plaster washers to secure it and skim with joint compound. The area is approx 1 sq ft on the ceiling-- some of the plaster has fallen onto the floor, and some is still on the ceiling but sagging. Thanks, David

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