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Plants for a very shaded patio

I would like to put more container plants on my covered patio but because of the trees shading the back yard, it is very shaded and dark. It gets some morning sun on the east side, but that's about it. I've got a few tropicals already, but they're only on the east side of the patio, and I'm not sure about what to do with the rest. The patio size is about 15' x 30' and I have a wood picnic table and a round patio dining set. Basically all you see there now is tables and surrounding brick walls and bannisters. Any suggestions??? Thanks!

Re: Plants for a very shaded patio

I would go to a local nursery and find hostas, caladiums, and other shade loving plants there. Talking to a master gardener in the area will help too. That way you get plants that are hardy for your area.

Re: Plants for a very shaded patio

Hello there,

Try a variegated monstera, philodendron, diffenbachia, anthurium. The first one will grow pretty big if you want it to and being a climber, give it a totem pole or additional pots. The leaves can grow to be upto 2 feet across and the variegation looks really beautiful. The philo will also need support. The anthurium and the diffenbachia are upright and look great in the shade. Try ebay and see in the tropicals. Good luck and let me know if there is anything else

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