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Planting Strawberries?

We live in zone 6. My husbands grandmother just gave us 24 strawberry plants. We planted them Sunday and mulched around them. She told us to pull off the blooms this year so we can have better strawberries next year. Then another lady said it won't matter and go ahead and have berries this year. Which is right?:confused:

Re: Planting Strawberries?

Yum Yum fresh strawberries .....Being more of a black & blue thumb sorta guy and less of a green thumb I'll share my experience with growing strawberries.... for what it's worth.

3 years ago I was given a couple of strawberry plants that came from a nursery and while planting them a wonderful elderly couple living nearby came over and offered a couple plants from their established crop.

They explained the flowers and runners should be clipped for the first year to allow the plant to establish themselves and that the berries that would be produced in the first year wouldn't be as sweet and delicious .... more tart and acidic. They did say you could leave a few flowers and let them berry out if wanted .... something like a 1 in 7 rule.

Here's what I did as an experiment ....

More or less divided them into 3 groups .... the nursery plants .... 2 divided plants from the donated crop.

Season 1 ......

The nursery plants I had done the clipping and pinching following the 1 in 7 rule.

Second group ( donated crop ) left them to flower and produce berries.

The third group ( also donated crop ) followed the clipping and pinching as well the 1 in 7 rule.

The plants that were clipped and pinched seemed to grow much better and the berries were indeed somewhat tart.
The plant that was allowed to flower and spread seemed to be not as vibrant as the other two and the berries were about the same ... a little tart.

Season 2 .....

All plants were left to flower and spread and the berries were much better tasting .

So I gotta say ...... maybe grandmother knows best :)

Re: Planting Strawberries?

Like Canuk, I agree with letting the roots grow this year and look forward to harvesting next year.

I had a bed that was already established way back when. 10 years later my husband decided to be sweet and get me some plants. He didn't keep up with them that year and the berries weren't worth the effort of harvesting them, even the birds and squirrels didn't like them. The next year I tended them in my dust mask and we got some wonderful berries.

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