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Planting evergreen trees

My family and I are looking to plant about 30 evergreen trees in New Jersey this year. According to various websites the best time to plant evergreens is in late fall and to space them about 10 ft apart. We were hoping to get some additional advice from you on what is the right time and way to plant evergreens in our region?

Re: Planting evergreen trees

You don't say what kind of evergreen. We planted 27 Norway Spruces in the spring about 15 years ago. All survived and are doing well. The main thing is to have them properly balled, keep them watered at least the first year. we Planted them 15 feet apart and should have gone 20, allow plenty of room all the way around the trees.

Re: Planting evergreen trees

I agree with the others---we need more information as to your reason for putting in the evergreens.

Do you have a large piece of land & want to establish evergreens 15 or 20 feet apart as a decorative statement??

Do you have a smaller lot and want to establish them as a privacy fence??

Will you plant at least one or two near the front of the house as Xmas/holiday decorations that will have lites?? ---if so, be sure to run a trench line to the cellar for a buried elec line encased in underground plastic cable.

Arborvite is a good choice (but there are many others) for your area, and the big box stores usually stock them in early spring, which is a good time of year to plant.

Drive around your neighborhood & check out the yards that have evergreens & try to figure out what the gardener or landscape person had in mind with his/her arrangement and type of evergreen.

However, some caveats:

Don't plant any trees within 20' of sewer lines in order to prevent root clogging.

To avoid constant cutting & trimming, buy a dwarf variety of the one you choose that only grows to 3,4, or 5' in height.

Be sure to check the label or tag on the tree before you buy---the info on the tag will tell you the species & maximum growth height of the tree, along with other info----some of these trees grow up to 30' & thus need constant trimming.

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