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Plant Shelf

Hi, I need some advice for putting up a shelf across a window to hold plants. I live in a town house and only have one suitable window so a bookcase under the window doesn't hold much. The window will not allow for installing shelves inside so I have to put a bracket on either side of the window.

I only want approximately an 8" shelf and I wouldn't be putting a lot of weight on it. I'll be putting the screws in studs.

My window is 57-1/2" wide so I figured the shelf would be around 61-62" wide. I keep reading that 36" should be the widest to go without additional brackets. Is this true? Even if I use wood that's not prone to warping?

If the above is impossible, would it be better to hang a shorter shelf somehow with cables from over the top window sills?

Thanks for any help.

Re: Plant Shelf

How about hanging a shelf from the ceiling? Search for 'ceiling hung shelves' at houzz.com for some ideas.

Re: Plant Shelf

For normal shelving board (3/4") support every 32-36 inches is right. You could use a 1 1/2" board instead and that would work but it would be heavy and look thick. Or you could run a wire from the center of the regular shelf board upward to something secure to substitute for a bracket. Picture wire should be strong enough and would be so thin as to be almost not noticeable- and with the plants there to see nobody would be looking at the wire anyway!

Now if you can tell me why my snap-dragons haven't come up I'll call it even :cool:


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