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Planing Old Deck Boards

I have a large deck having 2X10"'s as flooring. The deck is about 27 years old and the boards, which are pressure treated pine, are in bad shape. I have decided to replace them with identical sized boards and had a crazy thought. What if I bought a planer and resurfaced the boards to reuse? Would the chemicals left in the boards be a hazard in planing? Would the boards retain their rot resistance? I welcome all comments and suggestions. Norm or Tommy, do you have any thoughts? Thanks.

Re: Planing Old Deck Boards

Yeah your right do not try to plane the boards I dont' see this being worth your time, money or your health! If your boards are in that bad of shape you do not want to plane them and breathe that nasty preasure treated taste! I would sugest that you spend some money and get new boards to install! good luck you can do it!

Re: Planing Old Deck Boards

I agree with Elijia that it is definitely not going to be worth your time an effort to plane the boards down. Even though they are pressure treated it is likely that after 27 years you have some rotten areas. If they are cracked and have splits or checks its most likely that they go a lot deeper than is reasonable to plane off. If it is just discoloration you could pressure wash the deck and see how that comes out. Hope this helps you out.


Re: Planing Old Deck Boards

First you would be creating arsenic embedded dust, not to healthy.
Second most pressure treating is only a surface treatment, you may go past the treatment.
Third 27 year old decking will have a lot of dirt and grit ground in which is murder on plane blades you may end up with more money in blades than the decking is worth.

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