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Pink & gray bath

Any sugggestions on a design for my outdated pink and gray bath. I am trying to design around the vanity the previous owner put in. I would like to do as in expensive as possible. Is $2,000 reasonable if I'm putting in sweat equity. I'm thinking a beige or pale green color scheme.

kreg mcmahon
Re: Pink & gray bath

sure you can do it for 2000. it you do all the work and you do just a minor remoldel. but don;t forget... demo, haul away new drywall purple kind. shower stall etc . what all do you want to do. and don't get ideas on cost from those shows. it usually cost a lot more than is said. but plan you time and cost. and maybe you can come in at 3 gran

Re: Pink & gray bath

I too had ugly tiles and tub in a house I was preparing to sell. I weighed all my options and decided to have the tub and ugly tiles resurfaced by a company. The results were fantastic, looked like a brand new bathroom. $2000 should be more than enough to do this. Although they will tell you it takes a day, it really takes 2-3 plus "curing time". They prep the tiles and tub by sanding, cleaning with acids and then applying a primer and a top coat. I went with white. Good luck...love the vanity! I would spend the money only for the tub and the tiles around the bath. I have painted, with excellent results, tiles in another bathroom that were not in a shower wet area. It's all about elbow grease to clean them first meticulously, applying a top quality oil primer and then two coats of a good quality paint..I went high gloss using a small sponge roller.

Re: Pink & gray bath

I'd leave the gray wall tile alone if it is in good shape and stick with removing and replacing the floor and the sanitary base. Since you like the black vanity, remove and replace after replacing the floor. Replace the toilet with a black one, and have the tub refinished black, or keep the white toilet and have the tub refinished white. Go with a neutral floor and white or black or beige or even copper to match your sink sanitary base shoe tile to transition wall to floor. you can always use green or whatever color you like for your curtain and painted wall color and the trim around the window.

I've done the epoxy paint on the wall tile thing, it is a waste of time and money.

new floor materials, professional refinished tub job, possible new toilet, should be enough left for new medicine cabinet, coordinating tub fixtures with the sink and shower handle, and new light fixtures, even if you need to bring in a plumber to pull and reset toilet and vanity and install new tub shower fixtures. might even be enough to pay an electrician to rewire for new sconce locations and update gfci outlets and install new light fixtures for you. if you don't already have one now would be a good time to add an exaust fan.

Re: Pink & gray bath

I have friends and family that are helping with the demo, plumbing and whatever else. Most of my cost is going to be materials and for an electrician.
I never thought about resurfacing. I'll look into it. Thanks. The pink tub has to go. I would actally like a slightly bigger one in white. The vanity is actually a very dark brown with a gold bowl and hardware. I was thinking of swapping the gold out for a white bowl with a bronze or other dark hardware. I was also torn between bead board and tiling.
I wasn't thinking about an exhast fan with the big window.
I'll keep all advice in mind. Thanks.



Floor moping and washing with water or some kind of chemicals is necessay but be carefull about wooden and plastic floorings because these floors lose the shinings and glaze on surface.

Re: Pink & gray bath

Since the tub has to go anyway, a full remodel would be a good way to go, even if it means saving up a few more months to do it. You'll be a lot happier in the end than finding yourself saying "I wish I'd done that" later on. If you can be happy with some of the existing tile you can remove individual ones and create a border or pattern while leaving the others intact; that will save you both time and money as well as give you a new look. As to the epoxy coatings, well they're pretty good if done correctly but it's smelly and does take a few days to cure. They don't look anywhaere as good as new stuff, and in a tub it won't last more than a few years. If you're selling it might be something to consider; othewrwise get new stuff so you won't have to be doing it again in a few years.

Money spent wisely on a bathroom remodel is as good a return on your home investment as you'll get if you don't take shortcuts. Do it like you want it to last and in a way you'll like for the next 20-30 years, you won't regret it even if it means waiting till you've got more money to work with.


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