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Jack Rabbit
Pinhole leak in antique brass faucet

I have a beautiful late 1890's faucet in my kitchen pantry that has a very small pinhole leak. This faucet is such an integral part of our kitchen pantry, both functionally and aesthetically, that I must find some way of preserving the faucet. Is there any way that I might repair this leak? The home is served by a city water system (soft water, < 80psi). Any help is greatly appreciated.

Re: Pinhole leak in antique brass faucet

Should be able to solder it up pretty easily. However, if one pin hole is present now, there's the possibility that the whole faucet is just one big pin hole waiting to happen.

Re: Pinhole leak in antique brass faucet

That's a beautiful old faucet. I'd hate to see you have to get rid of it.

Soldering would work, except that you'd end up with a silver blob on that nice brass. I'd suggest taking it to a welding shop and having it brazed. I suppose you could do it yourself, but I'd hate for you to end up with a useless pile of molten brass where your faucet used to be!

On second look, it looks like the faucet is soldered in place, so removing it would be impractical. And since solder does appear on the joints and the pinhole is on the back side, a small solder blob wouldn't look too out of place.

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