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Pin holes in copper pipe

I live in the Texas hill country in a nine year old home. We have owned the home for 5 of the 9 years. During those 5 years we have experienced 4 water pipe leaks. They have been pin holes in the copper pipe. The last two have been in slab leaks. I am on a well system and have a water softner attached to the house water.

What is causing these pin holes in the copper? I just had the plumber that fixed this latest slab leak tell me I would be better off (money wise) in the long run having the whole house switched over to the new PECK(sp) system and get away from the copper with all the problems I am having.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this problem or what I could do to alleviate the pin holes?

Thanks Scott

Re: Pin holes in copper pipe

Usually it's low ph or very acidic water. It's easy to get the water tested. Pex would be an alternative that wouldn't get pinholes.

Re: Pin holes in copper pipe

Have the water tested is always a good idea. Another cause is the excessive use of flux when the sweating was done. PEX would be an excellent choice.

Re: Pin holes in copper pipe

Thanks for the quick response. I will have the water tested and see if that might be the problem.


Re: Pin holes in copper pipe
Re: Pin holes in copper pipe

I live in New Hampshire and switched my whole house over to PEX. LOVE IT! I have the kind that uses no tools. It all snaps together. Elbows, connectors, shutoffs. Everything. My dad is in the proccess of switch his cabin over as well. Look into it. It's easy to work with, no joint soldering, any mistakes can be quickly fixed, no pipe cutter, no hacksaws, no flux, etc.
Ray @ http://tanklesswaterheaters-howto.blogspot.com/

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