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Pin hole leaks in hot water pipes in slab

Help! We need suggestions. We have lived in our home in Dallas for 10 years. We have had 5 hot water copper pipes experience pin holes leaks in the slab. Could we have a problem with the pH level of the water? These are very expensive and we are tired of the problem.

Jim Minnick
Re: Pin hole leaks in hot water pipes in slab

ACE Duraflo has a system to clean and epoxy coat the inside of the pipes without digging up the slab
Go to aceduraflo.com or fixmypipes.com and call there toll free number for estimate.

Re: Pin hole leaks in hot water pipes in slab
Re: Pin hole leaks in hot water pipes in slab

I hope this helps you. I have repaired slab leaks in the Dallas area for over 20 years. There are areas where the soil is more caustic to copper pipes than others. If you are in the area near 635 and Midway road you will have problems with your domestic water system. There are other areas where the problems are with the sewer system. We call these areas foundation alley. I travel to the same areas over and over again. A plumber that repairs slab leaks can tell you where the bad areas are and where better areas to buy are also. Another problem you might have is that the sewer is leaking and causing the copper pipes delivering potable water to develop leaks. This happens when the copper stays wet and starts to corrode or patina. A test of your sanitary sewer system will tell you if you have leaks on the sanitary side. Another problem you might have is related to a bad installation. This problem happens when you have a plumber that over fluxes a solder joint. The old petroleum acid based flux can eat away the protective lining of your copper tubing. This happens when the petroleum based flux is not properly flushed from the pipe or tubing. For this reason the State of Texas now requires the use of water soluble flux this flux will not harm your pipes. There is yet another problem that happens to some copper piping electrolysis this is created by joining dissimilar metals which create a small electrical current that causes corrosion. This can also be done through improper grounding of you electrical system. There are other things that can cause your problems also. The important thing is to examine the pipe when you are repairing it to see what is causing the problem. If your plumber does not know then you can refer to a corrosion engineer for more help. Your plumber should have a good idea of what is causing the problem. The problem we see is usually a bad installation. Unfortunately most plumbers do not study there craft enough. The only other advise I can give you about plumbers is ask for there license. As far as repairs go you can line you pipes with an epoxy system several companies provide. Another option is to reroute the domestic system and your problems will disappear. If you have more questions you can go to our website at http://mytxplumber.com/ or you can call me and talk with me on the phone for free. Again I hope this helps you.

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