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Re: Pilot Light Too Strong ?

Not a very good pic, your right about having the Co. that did the install come back to your house and fix it, don't wait.

Re: Pilot Light Too Strong ?

Gas valves are facory set and calibered for pressure, and you could have gotten a defective unit, so you may have to replace it with another "new" valve, under warranty.

Also, make sure that this new valve was an accurate replacement to your original valve.

Ask the installer to do that. You may have to pay for the additional installation, so be prepared.

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Re: Pilot Light Too Strong ?

Problem was finally solved, but took 3 different repairmen to come to finally get it right.

I called about the problem and they sent repairman #2. First thing when he got there, I asked if he thought the flame was too high. "Yes, it looks a little high" was his reply. Then he started messing with the valve and said " no wonder the other guy didn't adjust it, the screw is stuck". I left him alone for a while to mess with it, then he said he finally got it unstuck and "turned it down a bit". had the furnace running and said " see how that works" and left. The furnace shut off and then I noticed that the pilot looked at least 98% as high as it had been. I also noticed a brass screw was pretty chewed up. I then emailed a complaint to the company about the flame still being so high. I wanted it in writing, 'cause I thought I would end up having to contact the BBB. They sent the 3rd guy. Told him the whole story. He said the brass screw wasn't even the proper screw for adjusting the pilot. I forget what he said the brass screw was for. Maybe the word "pressure" was used when he was saying what it was. So, with no trouble he adjusted a silver steel screw (which was even marked as 'pilot'). He got the flame down to what I thought was reasonable. Much lower than what the other guys had it. He checked how well the furnace kicked on. Said it worked very well for it's age. The repair department foreman of the company was supposed to call me after the 3rd attempt, but never did. I was going to suggest that the 3rd repairman get a pay raise for doing the job the 2 other guys failed to do.

Re: Pilot Light Too Strong ?

my pilot light on my propane fireplace is higher than usual,  can you tell me what the problem might be?




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