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Picking a Whole House Water Filter

How to I determine whether I need a small whole house water filter like I saw installed on the TOH video or a big steel one that costs @$4,000. I have one in my garden shed and was told by the previous owner I needed to put limestone in it periodically. I can't find where to do that on the tank, the hardware store had no idea what I was talking about and the model of tank is out of business I believe (Uniflex Components Inc / F00079691044F / Model UF-1-AN). My water source is well water and my tub water looks very rusty. I am also afraid the copper pipes are being affected. Thanks for your help

Re: Picking a Whole House Water Filter

You need to consult a plumber and decide how many area you will need/want with filtered water.
Sometimes, the way the plumbing is designed will make some of those decisions for you (ie: certain lines are T-ed off of other lines).

I am in the process of re-engineering the plumbing system at my small home, and I am going all out.
I am thinking of doing the floss and carbon cartridges at the head end to filter for the entire house.

Additionally I will have a reverse osmosis filter to feed the lines going to the refrigerator and the drinking water stalk faucet at the kitchen sink.

Re: Picking a Whole House Water Filter

I just got my new water filter system for my whole house from
its working great and i m really happy with it..

Re: Picking a Whole House Water Filter

I added a whole house sediment filter to keep some of the well water minerals out of my devices. For the drinking water spout and ice maker we have a 4 stage RO setup. The water tastes great and the sediment filter traps so much stuff it is hard to believe.

I made the sediment filter setup with bypass valves and mounted it on a piece of scrap plywood. I had to modify the filter wrench to extend the handle for more leverage, I must be getting weaker in old age.

Re: Picking a Whole House Water Filter

If the previous owner said to recharge the existing filter with limestone, then i am assuming that the problem was acid rain water. Limestone is used to raise the lower PH of acid rain water and neutralize it. I would suggest that you check the PH level of your water and respond accordingly.

Re: Picking a Whole House Water Filter

The simplest answer is to contact the previous owner if possible and ask them. Whoever their listed Attorney was at the sale should know how to contact them if you don't.


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