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phone jack problem

The phone jack in my kitchen wasn't working. This also caused 2 phone jack's on the 2nd floor to not work. I installed a new jack in the kitchen. The phone works fine, but the 2 2nd floor jack's still don't work. What is the problem.


Re: phone jack problem

The problem is most likely in the connections.

If your phone wires are exposed, check all connections and repair if needed. If your wires are in the walls, it's a little more complicated. Sometimes it's easier to rewire.

Re: phone jack problem

Have you opened up the second floor jacks to see if the red and green wires have been swapped for the yellow and black. This is sometimes done for a second line, i.e. business phone if one of the rooms upstairs was a home office.

Re: phone jack problem

Are the phone lines "daisy chained" meaning does a cable feeding one jack continue on and other jacks? If so, you may need to be sure all the reds are twisted together and landed under a screw in each jack. Same for greens.

A better way to wire phone jacks "star system" is to have a separate cable going to each jack, from the grey phone box, to each phone jack. That way one bad jack or connection doesn't affect all the jacks.

Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
Maurice Turgeon, http://thesemi-retiredelectrician.com

Re: phone jack problem

If the wires are hard wired to the jack's connection screws I don't see how how the faulty mod jack affects any other jack. The connection screws are a junction point which likely means there is an issue with the cable's connection or the cable itself.

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