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PHILLIPS BIT drill driver.

the bits are made from about 5 different types of steel.
my question iswhat type of steel is best for #2 phillips
bit when using a power driver or cordless drill.
i have used 5 different brands and the other day i broke 4
bits in less than 2 hours.
i didnt used to have this problem. in the past i have used the same bit for a full week. usually i have trouble on large decks
with heavy pressure treated lumber and 3 inch screws.
spare me the basics, i usually pre-drill and i know roberts work better. but roberts are still limited in the types and sizes.
the recent problems happen with 2-3 inch drywall screws.
they have to be using cheaper steel now adays????


A. Spruce
Re: PHILLIPS BIT drill driver.

It's been a while since I've had to buy tips, but I usually buy the DeWalt brand. They are larger and fill the entire head of the average deck/drywall screw which equates to more force being put to driving the screw and less to stripping the screw head or driver tip.

I just wish that manufacturers would quit screwing around (no pun intended ) with fastener and tip designs and stick with what works. I came across a new one yesterday, a triangular shaped tip. I had to cut a slot across the head of the screws to remove them.

Re: PHILLIPS BIT drill driver.

There are many high power drill drivers out there and they can easily strip out the bits in seconds.

I find the bits lasted longer by slowing down the drill speed and maintaining light pressure on screws you're fastening to.

Re: PHILLIPS BIT drill driver.

I actually find that "drywall" bits last the longest for me. They seem to fit deeper therefore stripping less. I dont't bother searching high and low, I just stop at the local wallboard wholesaler and they have a giant plastic container right @ the counter desk.


Re: PHILLIPS BIT drill driver.


let me be more specific. we put up 11
pallets of drywall past 2-3 weeks.
older houses 2.5-3 inch screws. 1/2 inch drywall
over top of 1 inch plaster and about 1 inch into studs.
use about 100lbs of screws a week.
have broken 50-60 bits past 3 weeks.maybe more lost count.
have used all the major brands except milwaukee.
recent used irwin and vermont ice bits, they were really good
but they are so hard they break too easy.
have burnt out two drivers past 3 months.
i am looking for feedback from someone that drives alot of screws.
milwaukee and kobalt and hilti havent tried.
the milwaukees are made from tool steel i will try those next.
funny part is the ones that lasted the longest were a no name
tawain bits that came free with one of the tools.
we broke so many its all we had left one day, lol

Re: PHILLIPS BIT drill driver.

You hit it on the head when you mentioned "Robertson" not "Roberts"
screws and drivers. I've used nothing but (readily available in Canada). They don't strip, and the taper design of the recess and the driver holds the screw so you can work at any angle with one hand. I have a carbide tip driver I've been using for 5 years.
I know they're more readily available in the northeastern states but checking on the Internet you may be able to find a local supplier. Trust me, once you've used them you'll never go back to Phillips for wood construction.
Too bad P.L. Robertson wouldn't sell the patent to Henry Ford so long ago. That's the main reason you're stuck with the Phillips heads and drivers.

Re: PHILLIPS BIT drill driver.
jkirk wrote:

believe it or not, impact drivers do a much better job at driving screws, they dont cam out like a regular drill does, the only time ive had an issue with bits breaking in the impact driver is when driving concrete anchors or steel stud work

I completely agree..Impact drills are the way to go. With a cordless impact drill, it will actually give you better control and less breakage.

For a phillips bit recommend, I would say use the dewalt screw bits or the bosch. Stay away from the black n decker versions unless it's for simple things..

Re: PHILLIPS BIT drill driver.

I've had good luck with bits from Rockler.com, plus they have a number of different head designs to help eliminate the problem.

Calcats ;)

Re: PHILLIPS BIT drill driver.
calcats wrote:

I've had good luck with bits from Rockler.com, plus they have a number of different head designs to help eliminate the problem.

Calcats ;)

I'll have to check them out. I'm always on the prawl for better equipment.

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