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Phantom water usage and clang

I'm not sure if anyone experienced this, but when I am in my master bathroom sometimes I suddenly hear water runing through the pipes as if someone is running water in the house. But It may be 12am an no one else is up or at a time when I am the only one home. It last a short time then stops. The pipe also bangs when it stops. I am not sure what might be causing this. Any ideas?( don't tell me I have ghosts)

Re: Phantom water usage and clang

It may be a leaking toilet tank actuator disk. This happened where I live.

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Re: Phantom water usage and clang

Yes, you have ghosts, but they don't like hammer/knock arresters. They'll move if you get these...


(I'm not a paranormal plumber, I just play one on TV.

Like a deer in the headlights...)

Re: Phantom water usage and clang

I agree w/ HomeImprover II, your toilet flapper is probably leaking and when the water level inside the tank gets low enough to actuate the float valve, the valve opens and refills the tank. Pour a couple of drops of food coloring in the full tank and watch to see if any color starts creeping into the toilet bowl to check this. If so, replace the tank flapper valve w/ a quality replacement.

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