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PEX fittings and tools

I was watching an episode of Ask TOH and Richard was using a PEX fitting that consisted of an expander and a slip-ring that pulled over the tubing and fitting to complete the connection. What kind of fitting was this and what is the name of the tool?

Re: PEX fittings and tools

This was probably the Wirsbo Pro-pex fitting and expander tool. They've used the battery powered expander tool on the show, but this is an expensive tool (~$700-$1200) depending on where you buy. You can get a hand expander tool which I've used and is just as easy, though you'd probably need a second pair of hands before you become adept at using. This tool is considerably less expensive. Around $300 with expander heads.

Re: PEX fittings and tools

Was the ring metal or pex? Two expansion method I know are wisbo or uponor aquapex is there brand and uses a pex compression band over pex tubing over the fitting. the other is Rehau bronze lock ferrule over expanded pex over the fitting both are one of the few that are approved most everywhere but only Aquapex has the composite fittings a plus for water with mineral content/well water. Both hand tool kits are about the same and join 1/2", 3/4" and 1" tubing. Just search the names and you will know more than you want.:)

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