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PEX applications

I have a weekend cabin in the mountains of So. CA. I have a problem with pipes freezing in the winter, even when the cabin is heated and occupied. The cabin needs new plumbing anyway and I was wondering if PEX would be a suitable product to use. I will be taking additional steps to eliminate the freezing pipe problems, but I saw in an advertisement that due to its flexible nature, PEX was a better product than copper pipe in these situations. Your thoughts?

Re: PEX applications

PEX is a good choice. The pipe will take some light freezes with out bursting, but the fittings won't.


Re: PEX applications

With PEX, you'll probably save some money and it's relatively easy to install.

PEX is less likely to burst when frozen, but that is still a possibiilty.

Re: PEX applications

Just make sure it meets the code in your city/county.

Re: PEX applications

We have a customer who owns a vacation ranch home that is subjected to the occasional freezing temps. When we re-plumbed the house with copper, we took steps to route the pipes so they would drain themselves. Added to the underside of the house were T fittings with shut off valves to both the hot and cold lines. After the well water was turned off, the valves under the house and faucets in the house were opened and the house would drain itself of water. The only remaining water was in the toilet tanks and bowls, along with the hot water heater. For times of severe cold, glycerin was added to the toilets to prevent freezing.

Re: PEX applications

Thanks guys. This cabin has a similar design with a valve that shuts off the water supply when leaving the cabin and all the copper pipe is designed to self drain. All works well except a couple spots apparently don't drain completly and have frozen and burst a 3/4 inch copper pipe. I will look into the code issues for PEX in my area. Thanks.

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