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Pex and 90 degree turns?

I am about to embark on a couple building projects on property I own. I am seriously considering the use of pex, but am a little iffy about the 90 degree turns. I am on a slab, so I want to run the plumbing in the interior walls which will include several 90 degree turns to traverse perpendicular walls. From what I was able to glean, this is a tight radius for pex and looks prone to kinking (or you have to chew up a lot of the studs to make room). Some people advocate using elbows, but that diminishes the value of using pex (to me). What do you do?

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Re: Pex and 90 degree turns?

with pex, whenever you make a 90 degree turn you're supposed to use either a 90 degree coupling or a long sweep bracket which are both sold where all pex fittings are sold. using a 90 degree coupling does not diminish the value of pex. and wait until you see how easy and fast it is compared to sweating 90's around corners in walls.

Re: Pex and 90 degree turns?

I am not a fan of PEX. I have scene many of plastic pipes that were all the rage at the time only to have them fail many years later. Does any body remember cvpcv. Or poly b or kintec or a list of others. I remember a customer of mine that have a whole house done in poly b. the fittings and pipes started to go. we had to open up all the wall ceiling and floors. The customer was a lawyer and i told him to sue the manufacturers. I do not know what happened to the class action law suit. As far as i am concerned copper is the best. There is a plastic pipe that i have used we in Canada call in wisbro, now called uponor. If this pipe is installed by a uponor licensed plumber then the manufacturers guarantees the pipe fro 25 years and will replace any defects for 25 years. Now that is my type of guarantee. Remember the old adage money talkes and bs walks. I was talking to a builder last year that told me he used PEX in a project. He was now finding mouse were eating through the pipes. I say go with copper it has a proven track record of 70 years.

Re: Pex and 90 degree turns?

One trick is to make a gradual bend upward starting 15" from the intersection and going vertical at the corner, then another gradual bend back to the horizontal in the adjoining perpendicular wall.

Re: Pex and 90 degree turns?

I use the 90 degree fittings and have had no issues with heating or water. I like PEX and use the crimp ring style connectors.

The only rule for PEX is it must never see sunlight.

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