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pet odors and subflooring

Im new to this site, Id appreciate any suggestions I can get here. My ex husband and I started building a home 10 years ago, he got as far as "liveable" that was good enough for him. Long story short, my hallway never had any flooring other than the plywood subfloor. Since I keep my dogs in the hall/kitchen when Im at work in the winter, of course, now the hall has a pet urine odor. Im going to lay some sort of flooring on it soon, but I dont want to lay it over this. Is there a way to get the odor out of the subfloor? Replacing it isnt an option for me, I have neither the skill to do it myself or the ability to pay someone to do it.

Re: pet odors and subflooring

We had a similar problem when we bought our house. Raccoons had been using the entire upstairs as a toilet and it had soaked into the sub-floors. I bought lots of bottles of bleach and just started pouring it onto the stains and re-pouring when it dried (also did a little scrubbing). When I could not smell the uring any more - I had carpet laid.

A. Spruce
Re: pet odors and subflooring

Two things, neutralize the urine with Urine Off or Nature's Miracle. Nature's Miracle is in most pet stores, Urine Off is available online if you can't find it locally. Second thing, seal the odor in with a shellac based primer. Once that is done you will have effectively removed and/or locked in the odors and will be able to install whatever flooring you wish.

Re: pet odors and subflooring

Thank you both for your suggestions, Im going to tackle that this weekend before I lay my flooring:)

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