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Pest riddance.

Dear forum members,
I am undecided about whether to buy a Riddex Pulse device or not. It is an electric pest repeller that repels pests such as cockroaches, rats, and mice. Do these devices repel pests? Do other brands of this type of device repel pests? If not, then what should I do about pests? Should I buy common pesticides and pest repellers like Raid and Combat, buy more expensive but lesser-known products, or buy organic products? I have heard that some organic products can kill or repel pests even if they were not originally meant to.
I have seen small and medium-sized cockroaches in one of my two bathtubs. How did they get into it? Did they emerge from cracks at the rim where the bathtub and the three walls meet or from the drain? Should I put bait in this bathtub or spray it? I do not think that I should, because I use this bathtub often.
Recently, I saw a large cockroach on the floor of the bathroom where the bathtub already has cockroaches. I have not seen cockroaches elsewhere in my home so far this year, but I am sure that I will see them.
I saw a rat or a mouse a few years. And I have heard them gnawing or scratching and squeaking. But I have not seen nor heard them in a few years. I did not do anything to rid them from my home.
I want to permanently eliminate ALL pests, not only cockroaches, rats and mice, from my home, and prevent them from returning. I was stung by bedbugs a few months ago. Now, I am being stung by mosquitoes. There are small flies in the bathroom that has cockroaches. And I see centipedes, lice, ants, and spiders.
So, what should I do? You can post respond in this forum or email me at [email protected].

Re: Pest riddance.

To stop the roaches from swimming up the pipe and getting into the tub, simple use the stopper and close the drain. You'll need a cover for the overflow as well.

A. Spruce
Re: Pest riddance.

These sound devices do not work, as a matter of fact, they're more detrimental to your health because of the noise emitted - even though it's out of most peoples hearing range (I can hear them ... ) it is a constant high pitched scream that affects your mood making you more agitated.

To control pests and vermin, remove their food sources. In the case of rodents block access points and remove nesting areas. Set snap traps or hire a pest company service to set and maintain the traps for you. Insects are generally going after food. Keep your food areas clean, food put away in sealed containers, etc. You can also use the bug bait things to speed their departure.

Re: Pest riddance.

The best solution for roaches is very inexpensive BORIC ACID powder. $2 a pound and it will kill them all.

The best solution for mice and rats are traps (they come in different sizes), with delicious peanut butter bait.

Flies: swat them. Practice makes perfect.

Mosquitoes: eliminate sitting water in the yard, check your screens, use flying insect spray. I hope you don't have type O blood, they come to this type like magnet. If you go outside use a repellent.

All other bugs, use ORTHO bug killer (or equal) around the house or call a pest company.

Have a nice summer.

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