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persnickety old paint

Our house is 30 years old and the orginal builder used exterior plastic epoxy paint (this has been determened by experienced old painters - they didn't know how to handle this either) on all interior trim and doors. We have tried sanding and using Zinzer 123 and like primers, but the new paint just peals off. We have also tried several paint removers and it will remove the new paint but will not touch the old paint. Have tried to sand off the old paint with a belt sander and circler sander, still won't come off, just gums up on the sandpaper. We are replacing most of the trim but the windows have to stay and we have about 18 solid wood doors with panels that we would like to keep because of replacement cost.

Any help would be appreciated. Would like to finish this project in my life time and time is getting short (63 and counting).


Re: persnickety old paint

This from another web site-
Question - What type of solvants can be used to dissolve epoxy
after it has completely cured?
The short answer is almost none. Fully cured epoxy is one of the most
solvent polymer systems known. It can be softened by very strong, but
difficult to handle, solvents like dimethylformamide, but because of its
high [essentially infinite] molecular weight and inherent chemical
resistance it is practically not removable by chemical means.

Vince Calder
Ha, Ha, Ha. Cured epoxy can't be dissolved, because it's one giant
interconnected molecule. The best you can hope for is to physically or
chemically break it into smaller pieces. Not many chemicals will do that,
either. Concentrated sulfuric acid will do the job, but it takes a ling
time. Other things that might do the job are even more dangerous to work

Richard Barrans, Ph. D.
Assistant Director, PG Research Foundation
Darien, Illinois

I would suggest you might try non-clogging Stearated Aluminum Oxide discs. Another choice would be flap sheets or flutter wheels which run cooler and are much less likely to melt the epoxy and clog.


Re: persnickety old paint

Thanks for the info. Have tried the flap sheets but it was hard on the insets on the 6 panel doors. Will give the Aluminum discs a try. This has been a nightmare to say the least.

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