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Pergola support

I would like to put a pergola along the south facing wall of my house. The rafter tales are about 7ft from ground level and the roof is tile. If I put a ledger board on the house, the pergola would be too low to walk under. I do not want a tunnel. What other options do I have to support this side of the pergola without using posts? I have considerd fabricating steel supports that mount to the house/rafter tail and extending above the roof line. Has anyone done this? Any links to a how-to, specs, etc? The pergola would be about 3-4 feet wide to cover a walkway and shade the house. Any suggestions/help? I cnnot find anything on the internet that does not entail using a ledger board.

Timothy Miller
Re: Pergola support

Howdy tie into the rafter tails adding weight is a bad choice without posts to support it all.
If you then add a vine an added water or snow load maybe you will suffer a collapse. You might consider to have metal supports pipes/posts an pipe instead of wood to create a long span an little & visual , post impact. Think building permit- find how little loading rafter tails is allowed.

Re: Pergola support

You can do a single-post pergola...just re-size the joists to whatever length you'd like. I will submit an image soon...

Re: Pergola support

I don't believe it can be done the way you want it. It needs supports.

Re: Pergola support

You could use the existing rafter tails to support vertical posts if you have enough structure there and with a tile roof this is probably your best bet. Just think the loading through and use enough supports to cover that. I'd use some heavy-duty mending plates with screws to make the rafter-post joint with one on either side of every joint.


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