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Peony Bushes

I have planted peoney bushes about 4 years ago. They were in my front yard and did not do very well. I felt that maybe they did not have enough sun. I planted flowering shrubs and transplanted my peoney bushes on the side of my house in full sun. I did this last fall. This spring the peony came up and have grown good all summer. They did not bloom this spring but I thought they would not because of the stress from transplanting them. They are nice and healthy now. Is there anything I can do now to help them bloom next spring?

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Re: Peony Bushes

it can take 2-4 springs before transplanted or divided peonys will really bloom again. not supposed to let them bud the first spring after transplant supposed to cut off any buds. if you planted them too deep will take longer and if you failed to mulch them for first winter can also take longer. sunny is good but if the soil isnt good drainage and you didnt ammend it maybe never a good showing. do not cut them back until after the first hard frost and then leave at least 2-3" above the crown for the plant to but its energy stores back into the crown so it will have enough food to grow and make flowers next year. hope you planted on the right side of the house and did your soil ammendment before you replanted them not after. transplanting twice in four years might have stressed them too much without having enough stored food to recover especially if you planted them too deep or they were rotted. a lot depends on where you're at in the country.

Re: Peony Bushes

I had the same situation and found they are very hearty and adaptive plants.
Basically the plant didn't bloom till the second year and ever since has produced full amounts of flowers after the second season.

Basically I didn't do anything other than watering and judging from the description of them being healty now sounds like they will be just fine.

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