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Penn Marshal Stone House renovations blog.

Not really our new house but I guess it will be a new home to us when we move back in.

My parents bought the place in 1971 when I was 3 years old. I grew up in this house. My parents had a vision and a dream for this place. They worked hard on the house with some help from my grandfather and we boys did what we could. Life however has a way of changing ones plans.

My mom passed away in 1983. My brother moved out and went to college and a few years later I did the same. Now, 30 years later, I am looking to move back in.

Dad built a smaller craftsman style home on the farm and moved out of the old stone house. Now I am currently in the middle of some major renovations on the old home place.

I started a blog about the house back in October of 2014 and thought I would share it here. The blog tells a bit of known history about the place. There are entries down the left side starting back in 2014. It will follow along with current work that is being done as well as go back to work that was done in the past.




Re: Penn Marshal Stone House renovations blog.

I'm going to have to read up some on blogs. While I do have construction/carpentry, renovation and architectural experience, I don't know much about blogs. All I do know about them is just from starting one and learning as I go.

I will be adding categories and organizing the blog a bit.


Re: Penn Marshal Stone House renovations blog.

It's nice to see the progress and the improvements.

Re: Penn Marshal Stone House renovations blog.

Thank you.

I haven't been able to work on the house much for the last few weeks. Got sick for one of them, then the Holidays had things going on. I hadn't been sick in years and it hit me the week of Christmas. I have been cutting wood and working on fences and feed troughs for cattle. Getting back to the house now.

We are currently living in town and ready to move back to the old home place.

Re: Penn Marshal Stone House renovations blog.

Blog updated with a few entries. Been working on the corn crib/wood shed some and building a chicken run for the chickens. I did get a bit done on the house. We will be white washing the kitchen walls soon.

Thanks for stopping by.


Re: Penn Marshal Stone House renovations blog.

I've not been keeping up with you (shame on me!) but I have caught back up now. Part (maybe most) of what makes areas like yours and mine so special are the trees, and there is deep sadness when an old majestic one goes away. But its all part of nature and a reminder that nothing here is forever. It's evident that your love of the land and of your home runs deep and it is guiding you along- that's a very good thing I wish there was more of. Folks today seem to want to wipe away the past to put in the latest trends which will not stand the test of time. You're saving history which I hope will inspire others to do the same.

Keep up the excellent work and I'll try to do better keeping up with your blog!


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