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Peeling wall paint

I have an interior bedroom wall that is not holding paint. I did have condensation on the wall from ice dams in the past, which stopped when I had the roof replaced. I patched the drywall after that, but the paint continues to peel. I have had two people check it out who supposedly did drywall work, they patched, primed & painted--still peeling! I suspect water damage to the sheetrock; who would be able to remedy this problem?

Re: Peeling wall paint

if you are 100% sure the source of the water has been fixed, then the moisture is coming from the humidity inside the house.

My suggestion;

1-Sand/scr ape the old stuff off to get to good drywall.
2- Primer with a good quality oil based primer such as Kilz or Zinser. Yes I said oil based. Don't worry, you can paint over these with latex top costs.
3- Paint with a latex top coat.

The trick is a good primer and a good surface to primer over.

Re: Peeling wall paint

The moisture issue had been resolved, and none was evident before it was patched the last time; it was done as you described, with Zinsser primer. I did find out that there is not sufficient insulation at that end of my attic, so am adding more. Should I wait to patch it again until that is blown in?

Re: Peeling wall paint

Ice dams don't cause "condensation on the walls" they are liquid water pouring in from the roof above.

Re: Peeling wall paint

If the moisture issues have been resolved, then a good primer and a good quality interior paint should solve the problem. If you're still having issues you might want to hire professional painters to get the job done.

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