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Peeling paint on woodwork -- what to do?

We recently purchased an 1897 house with interior woodwork that has been painted over what appears to be an original varnish finish. Some - - but not all - of the paint is peeling away in large pieces. We would be happy with either returning to the varnished woodwork or moving forward with paint. Which is easier? What is the best approach to get there?


kreg mcmahon
Re: Peeling paint on woodwork -- what to do?

you need to strip it all off and sand. then decide what the wood looks like, if it looks good then stain and varnish, or if you paint then prime with a good primer then paint with a good paint.

they have lots of different kinds of paint strippers that help make the job easier, but still lots of detail hard work, but it looks and last much longer when you do it right the first time.

hire a day labor to help sand and scrape

Re: Peeling paint on woodwork -- what to do?

I agree,You should strip it then see what the best options are.If you just try to touch up the paint,It will fail in the same (and or)other places.It is tedious work,but well worth it.Once it is stripped,You will probably like what is underneath and want to stain or varnish.If not,just paint it again.:)

Re: Peeling paint on woodwork -- what to do?

Darn -- I was hoping for a some clever way to get the rest of the paint to pop off. Only in my dreams, I guess!



Re: Peeling paint on woodwork -- what to do?

If you are extremely careful, you might be a ble to use a heat gun to loosen and remove the paint. The old finish will no doubt have some damage but you can rework it with one of the Formby products .

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