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Peeling paint from possible water damming

I am looking at a house built in 1926 which was recently inspected. The style of the house is a 2 story with not much of an overhang for the gutters. The inspector thinks water damming was an issue, because each bedroom upstairs has a circle of peeling paint about 2-3 feet wide.

In 2 bedrooms the peeling paint is right by where the gutter would be, and in the other bedroom it is on the ceiling. The house was empty for 2 years due to foreclosure.

If water damming was the issue in the past when it was vacant, should I be worried about it now?

Re: Peeling paint from possible water damming


Did your inspector stick his head into the attic? Ice damming generally occurs where there is too little insulation in the attic and too little ventilation. Both are curable. Also, in severe ice damming regions, people often install heating cables in the gutters and slightly above to allow a path for the water to exit.

At the time of a general re-roofing, ice damn frost shielding can be placed under the shingles up at least 3 feet on the roof above the gutters.

Re: Peeling paint from possible water damming

My inspector said that the insulation in the attic is under 6 inches thick now so it should be replaced soon... he also said that a temperature controled fan was in the attic. How would you increase ventilation in the attic?

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