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Pealing paint on inside of sky light well

Hi my upstairs bathroom and bedroom skylight walls are pealing inspite of me painting with a primer and 2 finish coates. This has pealed for the 3rd time in past 6 mths. Can someone please direct. Thanks.:)

Re: Pealing paint on inside of sky light well

chances are you have a leak in your skylight.. its causing the paint to flake off, are there any noticeable water marks on the drywall or plaster

Re: Pealing paint on inside of sky light well


If you see brown stains in the area of peeling, JKirk could well be correct that you possibly have a leak.

I am asuming that: you are living in a cold climate, that you have a flat ceiling and there is a light shaft below the skylight. I hated skylights in bathrooms in cold climates. I don't know how many I had to climb up into and repair over the years. Even though they are double glazed, on a very cold winters night, ice forms on the inner glass because of the high humidity and cold surface. It is particularty bad if you tend to shower in the evening. Also, if the skylight is on the east side of the house, it experiences rapid defrosting as the morning sun comes up. Most skylights have a little trough on the bottom designed to hold the melting ice until it evaporates, unfortunately, it is often overwhelmed and water spills over the edge and runs down the wall. Given repeated thawing, the wall slowly deteriorates, inspite of the paint job.

I would patch the drywall and seal it with a good drywall sealer and then paint at least the wall below the slopping glass with a couple coats of oil paint. Better would be to paint the entire light well with oil paint. Further, make sure to put a bead of caulk under the window to prevent water from slowly working away at a vulnerable edge.

You might want to go up into the attic (assuming there is an attic around it) and check that there is adequate insulation around the light well. Humid air will condense and run down a cold wall.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of badly constructed windows and poorly installed windows. I have been up in skylight shafts and seen daylight coming through below the window and felt a draft! Talk about poor flashing and insulation!

As much as I like the additional light from skylights, they do present problems. I just built a couple exterior sunscreens, using white Sunbrella fabric, for the two skylights in my family room. It is amazing how much heat load it takes off the air-conditioning. I intend to remove them for the long grey Oregon winter. Even in winter, it is un-godly hot up in those skylight wells.

Re: Pealing paint on inside of sky light well

As stated above, the insulation around the skylight needs to be in excellent condition. Not just a few batts laid up against it or some blown in stuff piled next to it. Correcting the insulation will take some effort.

Re: Pealing paint on inside of sky light well

both of you guys make excellent points..
i know around my region any contractor with any kind of sense will try to talk clients out of installing them. our climate is too unpredictable and with hurricanes becoming more common skylights are only a can of worms.

unless its properly flashed it will leak.. even just the flashing kit can leak if the wind is blowing the right way so when we do install them, we seal it with either ice and water or blueskin before the flashing kit goes on

Re: Pealing paint on inside of sky light well

Thanks all for your feedback. I live in West Chester, PA. I had a roofer check it out today and will be sealing around the skylights. Lets see if that helps. Thanks again.

Re: Pealing paint on inside of sky light well

We hope it will solve your problem. Keep us posted.

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