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Patio Light Not Working

There was a break-in at my place recently. The burglar came in to the property through the backyard. When I moved in the place, the patio light did not work. I got a new light fixture but it still doesn't work. Apparenlty, there is no electricity current. I don't know much about the electricity. Try to get a book from the library and see how the house wiring works but I haven't finished the book yet.

I decide to hire someone to get it fix now so I can install a motion sensor lighting. Before I start to call contractors, I wonder whether anyone here can let me know what the problem it could be and how big the job it is.

If there is electricity current, I can install the light fixture. I am not a handy woman but I can learn. Thanks for any help!

Re: Patio Light Not Working

If the breaker isn't thrown, I would guess a bad switch.
While not difficult to trouble shoot getting an electrician wouldn't be a bad idea.
If you DIY, be carefull & read & understand what any book tells you.

Re: Patio Light Not Working

Go ahead and get an electrician to trouleshoot it for you, nobody here can do it sitting infront of a computer.

It can be the result of one or more of many many things, from the breaker to the fixture and everything in between.

A. Spruce
Re: Patio Light Not Working

I too would recommend a professional. Electrical really isn't a novice DIY kind of thing.

As DJ points out, there are a number of things that could be wrong with the circuit, it may be as simple as a bad switch, breaker, or connection, or it could be that the wire was damaged or abandoned on purpose. An electrician will have the knowledge and abilities to test and look for things that you don't.

Re: Patio Light Not Working

Since you've already done the easy stuff.. eliminating the fixture, bulb and breaker maybe the reason it didn't work when you moved in was a squirrel chewed through the wire, bad connection etc.

As everyone has already suggested, call in an electrician this time and ask if you can look over his/her shoulder (may cost extra:)).

This will help to supplement your electrical education for future problems.

Since you already have a new light fixture a small motion sensor (cost about $15) can be attached to it, once the power is restored to the light.

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