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Patio door jamb repair

I have a three section 9foot wide patio door where the center section is the door. The door jamb needs repaired where the striker and dead bolt are. I saw the video where an entry door jamb is repaired. Will the repair on the patio door be the same?

Re: Patio door jamb repair

Yes, if there is enough "meat" left to make it functional. But if you had a break in where someone kicked the door in, its better to replace the door as a whole unit, as the repair is now the weak spot and easier to break in again.

Re: Patio door jamb repair

The difference between your door and the door in the video is probably that your door is in the center and the door in the video is against the door opening, where there's a lot of support for the lock striker.

Is the middle door surrounded by metal frame? I have a similar set up in a rental house, and I find it to be very weak.

Re: Patio door jamb repair

You can get 'security strikes' which extend above and below where the original strike was. Coupled with some epoxt filler, this usually lets you fix what you've got without too much weakening. I don't like this type of installation or doors with sidelights because there's just not enough "meat" there to support a heavy door or a strike like I think there should be. Some of the better ones now have a metal reinforcement strip behind the wood between the door and light, but it's still weak compared to a single door properly set.


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