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Patching/repair of stucco board on a tudor

My house is Tudor style and is thirty-plus years old.
There is a bad spot on the "stucco board" on the north side and I am wondering what methods and materials to use to refurbish the bad area.
I am particularly interested in what material is compatable with the stucco board surface - that will react to heat and cold the same as the original substrate.
I will appreciate any answers to this difficult problem.
Ps: almost forgot; location is northeast Ohio.

Re: Patching/repair of stucco board on a tudor

I am assuming that you have a stucco techtured Masonite type fiber board. This stuff has a tempered outer layer. Once the outer layer is breeched, all that remains is a fibrous pulp which just kind of falls apart. You can try to solidify the fibrous surface with an oil based primer. You might be able to then fake a texture with with a pre-mixed elastomeric patching compound. However, in the long run, I think you are better off finding a new sheet of the stucco fiber board and just replace the whole section.

Re: Patching/repair of stucco board on a tudor

I really appreciate your taking time to reply. Thank you.
I have not been able to find a source for replacement stucco board. I also heard somewhere that it is no longer manufactured.
If you know or hear of a source, please advise.
In the iterim, I will be forced to use some kind of filler as you suggested.
Thanks again.

Re: Patching/repair of stucco board on a tudor

I have the same problem with my board in area's but due to its age the joining seams and thickness are different than the original so you have to replace pretty much the whole level of boards. I did find a reference to "ROCK HARD" powder mix for a patching solution that you can trowel and make it look like the rest before you prime/paint it. It does bond well and handles the temperatures we have in Omaha, which are worse than Ohio. The boards that have the bottoms swelling are the boards that I must replace but imperfections on the sides are fine fixed with ROCK HARD. Hope this helps you. We have several places that carry the masonite board stucco covered, Menards is one and it comes in 8 or 9 foot sheets around $30 a sheet.

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