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J. Signorotti
Patching or filling large holes in red brick
J. Signorotti

What works to patch large holes in exterior red brick? The house is a 1920 Sacramento, CA, bungalow where former owners drilled a large number of 1/2" to1" holes through the bricks to accommodate multiple unsightly conduit pipes or bolted items. All the unsightly conduit has since been removed. A couple of bricks had two inch holes drilled through, and I was thinking to attempt removal of these bricks with a masonry circular saw blade or masonry recip saw blade, and replace with spare original brick. For the smaller holes, I unsuccessfully tried a type of construction cement mixed with crushed brick for coloring, but the application quickly became a sticky gooey unworkable mess. My concern is keeping the integrity of the wall if bricks are removed and making the patch spots blend in. Some bricks have significant paint slop and mortar runoff as well, and I was also curious how best to clean these up? This brick wall is under a very large,( just painted) tongue and groove patio porch cover so I am generally opposed to sand blasting or pressure washing.

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