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Patching drywall with plaster veneer coat

I need to make a small patch after some recent plumbing work, but the problem is my walls are approximately 1" thick due to the original builder applying a finish coat of plaster on top of drywall.

Any ideas on the best way to patch this?

I'm thinking I either make a usual drywall patch and add plaster on top to bring it up to the correct thickness, or using two, .5" pieces of drywall to make the patch.

Any suggestions?


Re: Patching drywall with plaster veneer coat

You can use setting type joint compound or use a gypsum base plaster for the base and afinish for the top coat. Any other questions just ask. Hope this helps:)

Re: Patching drywall with plaster veneer coat

Kinda depends upon what type of surface the surrounding plaster has.

If it's dead smooth and two layers of 1/2" drywall won't leave you proud of the existing surface, then that's what I'd suggest. Then tape and compound the perimeter and feather into the wall. (If existing is slightly greater than 1", build up on top of the two 1/2"s to match.... with appropriate material. I'd still tape the perimeter.)

If the existing surface is sand-float or knock-down or similar....or less than 1" total.... then you'd probably be better off with apply one layer of drywall and build up to the surface with the appropriate material/plaster to match the existing/surrounding.

If total thickness is 7/8".....then one 1/2" and one 3/8 drywall would get you there. If you have both thicknesses lying around, might be the way to go. If not, buying a half-sheet or whole sheet might not be any cheaper or effective than building up on top of a single 1/2".

Impossible to say what the best approach is from here.

But..... will say that using drywall topping compound in thicknesses greater than say 3/16" isn't advisable. Too soft. If building greater depths...use setting type compound or plaster of Paris or "real" plaster.

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