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Particles on hot water side only.

Gas hot water tank installed 2 months ago. Currently getting very, very small particles in the water on the hot side only. You can't feel them but they seem to smear slightly. Manufacturer said bad anode. I pulled and inspected the anode and nothing out of the ordinary. Flushed whole system, still contaminated. Copper pipe in house no steel. Well water but system is filtered before the tank. No softener system in line. More details available on request I'm going out of my mind please help :)

Re: Particles on hot water side only.

How are lines connected to tank? Copper into tank, dilectric fittings? I have seen a few dilectric fittings break down. Possibility, although improbable, tank was not cleaned at factory from assembly oil, welding, etc. I ran into this about 10 years ago w/ a water heater I installed. Mfg finally gave me a new tank but I had an unhappy customer on my hands. E-mail me w/ details. [email protected]

Re: Particles on hot water side only.

There was a recall on dip tubes about two years ago that were breaking down. You may have gotten a tank with one of these dip tubes. Are the particles white in color?


Re: Particles on hot water side only.

All copper, dielectric fittings. Install is proper.

Particles were black.

I pulled the anode rod for inspection. It had white and black corrosion.

Flushed the system until no more black particles were present. So far, so good.

I pulled and capped the old anode rod before the flush job. If the particles don't com back I'll attribute it too the rod flaking off.

I'll drop a new rod in, in a month or so if they don't return and see if the new rod brings the problem back.

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