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particle board over plaster walls

The walls in my house are plaster. Upstairs they put particle board over the walls and then wallpapered. I know this because I recently removed the wallpaper from one room and found the particle board. I don't know what to do next. I would prefer to remove the particle board and get down to the plaster board and then paint. Any ideas on how I do that?
If this is out of the question can I paint the particle board? If so, with what?
Thanks...I am really clueless as to what to do. I love the plaster walls downstairs. HELP!

Re: particle board over plaster walls

It's too bad they put up particleboard. If it had been sheetrock, you could have just painted that. Besides, particleboard isn't recommended for a wall surface since it's a potential fire hazard. Plus, particleboard isn't a good substrate for wallpaper as any moisture tends to raise the grain, including the moisture in the wallpaper glue. But that's all irrelevant now.

I'm guessing the plaster was in bad shape. If not, maybe it just had too rough of a texture for the wallpaper. When you take off the particleboard, you are likely to discover a lot of damage just from the nails or screws used to put up the particleboard.

On the other hand, it may not be too bad and a little patching will make it good as new. I personally like plaster walls -- they have a different ambience than sheetrock. I think a big part of it is the density & hardness which affects the sound of the room.

If the plaster really is in bad shape and you don't have the budget or patience to redo it all, you might consider just putting up sheetrock. A skilled craftsman can get the joints smooth enough so you can leave the wall untextured and smooth without seeing the joints.

Re: particle board over plaster walls

Dear Fencepost,
Thank you for your reply.
The walls downstairs are in great shape. I wish they had left the upstairs alone. The walls in the halls upstairs are just plaster and they are in great shape. It is in the rooms that they put particle board and then wallpaper. The wallpaper practically fell off once I started.
Do you have a suggestion how I can take the particle board off? Just start prying? I really have no idea how to remove it.

Re: particle board over plaster walls

There are no nails in the particle board on the walls but there are nails in the ceiling particle board. Could it be glued in place and baseboards over it? Puzzling. Then again if it is not nailed that would save the plaster.
I want to start ripping into it, but don't want to create more problems.

Thanks, again.

Re: particle board over plaster walls

It is most likely glued to the wall which is going to create a big mess when you try to remove it. It of course should be removed but you will most likely damage the plaster pretty good. You would be better off it was just nailed or screwed down then you could just patch the holes. If you take it off and the plaster is a mess you can 1) get a plasterer in to fix it or 2) drywall over it and paint that. Hope you are able to get it off easily.


Re: particle board over plaster walls


Thanks for the reply. I will take a closer look. Hopefully the glue will have dried up and it will come off easily, like the wallpaper did, and not destroy the plaster walls in the process. Thanks again.

Re: particle board over plaster walls

Upon closer inspection I do see some small nail heads so maybe just maybe I will be lucky and not have chunks of plaster falling when I start taking down the particle board wall. I will report in when while working on it.

Thanks again!

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