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parking pad / shed question

I want to put in a parking 24 x 24 concrete parking pad and a shed up on piers right next to it. I wanted to put the shed on concrete piers, but can't think of how position the piers on the concrete pad side of the shed. I was wondering if it would be appropriate to tie base of the shed on the parking pad side of the shed into the concrete pad, like you would tie a deck alongside of a house. It would have 2 courses of 8" concrete block above the footer.

A. Spruce
Re: parking pad / shed question

One more time, in English, please.

You want to pour a parking pad
You want a shed next to it

What has two tiers of block? Is the area that both the pad and shed will be placed level, or is the block part of a retaining wall system to create a level area?

What will the shed be used for? How much weight will be in it?

Re: parking pad / shed question

well put sprucey, pour the driveway slab then put down some extra gravel down for the shed, put down some pavers and 4x4 pressure treated sleepers then drop the shed on top of that. this way if you need to its possible to move the shed

Re: parking pad / shed question

I'm sorry, but I fouled up the explanation of my problem. I am pouring a slab on top of a 2 course high concrete block foundation. I want to put a shed right next to it on ground which has a fair amount of pitch. I want to put the shed on concrete piers, but I was thinking that it would be difficult to pour those piers right up against the footer for the parking pad's foundation. So I thought about tying it to the parking pad's foundation itself. See illustration.

Can I put a 2 a 2x8 along the yellow part of the drawing to create the base of my shed along one side?

Re: parking pad / shed question

that will work, but you will need some beams spanning the pillars and over to the slab to support the sheds floor system

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