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Paper over refinished wood floors?

I just have some oak floors refinished as part of a kitchen remodel. The last coat of oil poly was done this morining (Fri). Refinisher said I could walk on them tomorrow (Sat). I would like to get some othe ritems done in there this weekend. Can I cover the floors with rosin paper so I can keep working in the kitchen, or will that impede the drying process?


Re: Paper over refinished wood floors?

Honestly, I don't know for certain. But it certainly won't help anything.

Ultimately I'd ask myself if it's worth risking screwing such an expensive job for the sake of getting a couple extra days work. And of course voiding any warranty the finisher offers.

Sit on your hands until the finisher says you're good to go is my advice.

Re: Paper over refinished wood floors?

Oil poly is slow drying. It surface dries first and you can walk on it in about 12 hours you don't want to do any heavy traffic for at least several days.

Re: Paper over refinished wood floors?

Thanks for the advice. I did some wiring up in the attic and only occisally walked through the room. Floors look great!

Re: Paper over refinished wood floors?

i regularly put down rosin paper runners to protect the floors after the floor guys have finished coating, generally ill wait til he says its ok but every precaution taken is the best way. also i switch to sneakers and expect all subtrades to do the same

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