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Pantry sag

One of my cabinets is this tall pantry unit. It has a middle support, and two hinged sides that have shelves and swing out. The issue I have is the weight of the items, over time, has caused the entire shelling apparatus to sag...about 1/2". I need to get underneath it to prop it up.

Any suggestions on how I can do this?

Re: Pantry sag

I once had to level some sagging shelves and I did it by installing post supports (2x2) in the middle. The bottom post rested on the floor.

A. Spruce
Re: Pantry sag

More info please, is the cabinet collapsing or just the face frame? How is this cabinet constructed, can you post a pic of it? You'll have to host the image off-site and link to it, you cannot directly upload images here.

Re: Pantry sag

Here is the front looking down. its hard to see but when the pantry swings open, it hots the bottom part of the cabinet and i have to lift the beast up to get it to open.

Here is a front shot of the bottom. The toe kick extends farther out from the vertical center of the pantry shelf so I can't prop it up from the front.

Here is the top part of the panty. You can see the gap at the top to see how much it has sagged.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Does this thing come apart easy? Are there any assembly diagrams for stock cabinets? If I could see how it was installed, maybe that could help me figure out how to take it apart.

Thanks again.

A. Spruce
Re: Pantry sag

Question, are the cabinet itself sagging or is it the hinged doors that are sagging? Looking at the second image, it looks like the hinged shelf/doors are sagging. If this is a mass produced item, then the center style that the shelf units are attached to was probably installed with the doors already attached to it. What are those silver heads on that center style? If they're screws, remove them and see if the style comes off. If not, swing one of those shelves all the way out of the cabinet, can you get to the screws in the hinges?

of course, before you do all that, you need to figure out if it is the cabinet or the shelf units that are the issue. Measure from one of the bottom corners of one shelf unit to an opposite top corner of the same unit. Now measure the same unit along the other diagonal. The two measurements should be within 1/8" or less of each other. Measure the other shelf unit in the same manner.

My suspicion is that these shelf units have sagged, if that is the case, remove them as suggested above and remove the back sheet of plywood. Apply new wood glue and then renail or screw the back into place once you've measured corner to corner and squared the shelving. Install a fastener every 4" - 6" around the perimeter and along each shelf. Reinstall the units back into the cabinet.

If it is the cabinet itself, then you'll need to remove the toe kick and brace the floor of the cabinet.

Re: Pantry sag

Here is a shot with one side of the pantry swung open. It is from the top looking down. I did not even notice that silver screw :) That was simply too obvious. I see that the whole shelving unit is simply screwed into the center piece.


The bottom of the cabinet is definitely sagging. I can run my finger along the lip and feel it dip down in the middle. I guess I simply put too much on the shelves over time. I will take out thos silver screws an re-attach the unit higher up on the center support.

Thanks for the great info.

A. Spruce
Re: Pantry sag

You are welcome.

I would recommend supporting that center style from the cabinet, so that means installing a shim of some sort under the center style that the shelves are hinged from. If you try to make the screws alone bear that weight, you'll likely split out the cabinet wall and have a real mess on your hands. Also, if the base of the cabinet is sagging too, pop the toe kick off and cut a support block for directly under that area, then reinstall the toe kick face. Another option would be to install a decorative post cap as a foot under the toe kick.


Re: Pantry sag

I would pull the toe kick panel off and use blocks of wood and shims under that center divider to lift the bottom of the cabinet back up then put the toe kick back

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