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pantry doors with storage

we have built a pantry and want to put storage in the doors. I want them to close like french doors with a magnet closer and piano hinges. they will only about 35' wide in total. Where can we find a pattern?

Re: pantry doors with storage

I can't remember seeing any storage * in * the door --- plenty of racks built on the inside of the door -- pretty stright forward.
Couple of things to consider though ---- make sure the shelves are set back enough or the racks will hit them when trying to close the doors.
Also , depending what will be stored on the doors I'm thinking piano hinges might not be strong enough to suuport the weight.

A. Spruce
Re: pantry doors with storage

You will never find a pattern to fit your exact situation, you must look for similar products and applications that will fit your needs and adapt them to fit what you desire. Canuk makes a good point about the need to hold the shelving back from the doors to accommodate the door racks and the issue of weight. The piano hinge will probably do fine, however the structure of the door may need to be beefed up depending on your plans and desires.

Re: pantry doors with storage

I suppose getting a heavy duty piano hinge would work --- man oh man -- installing a ga-zillion screws.

If the butt hinge isn't desirable then perhaps a pivot hinge would be more appealing.

Re: pantry doors with storage

My parents have a pantry cabinet like this in their kitchen. There are two doors and I would say they are each about 20" wide. There are piano hinges on each door that are the full height of the door. They have survived for almost 40 years and the abuse of 3 kids.

Is each door 35" wide or are there 2 doors that cover a 35" wide opening? If the doors are each 35" wide that might be to much weight for piano hinges. There are some heavy duty hinges out there (do a google search) but they aren't cheap. Butt hinges attached directly to the shelving you put on the door would be the strongest solution if the doors are indeed that wide.

Re: pantry doors with storage

Maybe a piano hinge would work on a hollow core door.

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