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Painting Wooden Windows

My house was built in 1849. We are doing restoration and have pulled out the windows stripped and are ready to prime and paint. The question is do I paint the sides of the windows? I was thinking since this wood is getting really old and there is a lot of play in the windows it would be good to put a coat of maybe outside stain on the sides to protect from any moisture in the future. There has never been paint on the side before....

Painting Wooden Windows

You should go for it...........

Re: Painting Wooden Windows

I agree - exterior stain should be fine - just do not use paint.

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Re: Painting Wooden Windows

absolutely DO NOT paint the sides of the windows. trust me on this one and i can find plenty of people on here to back me up. the sides of the windows, that run in the tracts, are not supposed to be painted. you can buy window weather stripping to take care of any drafts. if you paint the sides you will absolutely regret it and end up stripping them again. feel free to seal the sides with a wood sealer but do not put any paint or stain on them at all.

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