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Painting windows

I have double-hung windows that are stained. I want to paint them. However, when I painted the double-hungs in my last house the latex paint bonded the top sash and bottom sash together where they meet. (Yes, they were very dry when I put them back in.) The two sashes bonded so well that it tore some of the wood out when I finally was able to break the bond. Does anyone know how to paint double-hung windows so that two sashes don’t bond together?

Re: Painting windows

If they are able to be taken out the best way is to paint them normally and let them dry overnight. Then take a candle and rub the connecting surfaces with it. Top it off with a dusting of talcum powder and you shouldn't have any problems with them sticking.

Re: Painting windows

Thanks very much for the idea! I hadn't heard of that before.

Re: Painting windows

Ah yes, the talcum powder trick! I learned it the hard way when, after having painted my front door Saturday morning and letting it stand ajar until Sunday night (in the heat/dry of summer), I opened the door Monday after work only to have the paint peel off in the spots where it stuck to the vinyl weatherstripping. I lightly sanded the spots, repainted, allowed it to dry a few hours, and prior to closing the door, I used an old make-up brush to dust a layer of babypowder around all the weatherstripping (after having cleaned it well). No more sticking! The door looks great again.

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