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painting vinyl siding

Hi. Any advice on how to paint vinyl siding?
It's Monogram, the good stuff, I just want it to match the color of the new addition. Thanks.

Re: painting vinyl siding

have the rest of the house resided to match it. the problem with painting vinyl is that it moves from expansion and contraction from do to the temperature.. when the cold months come the siding will contract and youll see bald spots on the old siding

Re: painting vinyl siding

Actually, vinyl siding can be painted with a 100%acrylic paint. Acrylics will bond well to PVC and has the ability to expand and contract with the siding. One cautionary note is to never put a darker color on the siding than the original color. PVC can distort at as little as 130 degrees - easily obtainable on a hot,sunny day on a dark painted surface.

Prep is little more than making sure the siding is good and clean. If the siding has weathered for several years, priming is not even neccessary with a pure acrylic paint. If the siding is relatively new and still slick, an acrylic primer tinted to the finish color would not be a bad idea.

Since acrylics don't oxidize like oil paints, the new color should last for many years. Vinyl siding is not subject to the breathing/moisture problems of wood. I have painted many aluminum sided and vinyl sided homes, including my own, over the last couple decades with never a problem.

Re: painting vinyl siding

i couldn't have said it any better than ordjen follow the simple directions & remember to wash the house down every couple years to remove any build-up of dirt & grime only use soap & water

Re: painting vinyl siding

Is it one coat of primer and one coat of paint or just two coats of paint?
The siding has been up there since the late 1990s.
Do I use an airless sprayer or roller?
Thanks agin.

Re: painting vinyl siding

If the siding has been in place since the 1990s, it has likely oxidized enough to provide sufficient "tooth" to adhere the new paint without primer. You might test a small section, then let the paint cure for a month, and see how well it sticks.

Be sure to wash the siding before painting, to remove dust and the loose oxide layer.

(Yes, plastic oxidizes, especially where exposed to the most sun.)

Tacoma John
Re: painting vinyl siding

If you have used an airlees a lot go for it, 2 light coats using a 613 tip. If you dont have a lot of experiance with an airless, 2 coats with a 4" brush. Good luck

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