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Painting Stucco with Power Roller

I'm going to paint the exterior of my approx. 5000 sf area 2 story house (rough stucco) all by myself. I want to power roll and have read many articles and posts that lambswool roller is the best roller to use. I've read that spray/backroll is the best method but I'm a one man show for this project.

My problem is that I can't find any lambswool rollers that are for power rollers. ANY SUGGESTIONS

A. Spruce
Re: Painting Stucco with Power Roller

You do not want to roll stucco, you'll end up with a gloppy looking mess.

Spraying gets the material onto the surface, the point of back-rolling is to force the paint down into all the nooks and crannies, but even that isn't necessary if you know how to apply the paint. The key is to spray in multiple directions. The perfect analogy would be if you were to paint a door. If you only stand on one side of the door, then you won't get the side, top, bottom edges or the back of the door, you have to come at the door from multiple angles and directions. Spraying a textured surface, such as stucco, is no different, you need to spray it at multiple attack angles so as to coat all sides of each bump of texture.

You will likely find that by using this technique, you will not need to back-roll. I would also recommend watching some youtube videos on the subject, see how other pros are doing it.

Re: Painting Stucco with Power Roller

Thanks A. Spruce. The guys at the local DYI Stores gave me the same advice and also said to back roll. Since I'm going at this alone (saving the $$) I don't think I'll be able to do both spray and roll.

A. Spruce
Re: Painting Stucco with Power Roller
LebozSD wrote:

I don't think I'll be able to do both spray and roll.

Why not? Operating a power roller on a ladder is going to be no easy task. If you apply the paint with the sprayer, 1) you likely won't need to back-roll, and 2) it will be far easier to get the material onto the wall quickly and easily, the simply run the roller. Set up a hook on your ladder to hold the roller/handle while you're spraying, and visa versa.

Like I said, if you spray from multiple angles, you will not have any issues with coverage or shadows, eliminating the need to back-roll altogether.

You can very easily paint your house by yourself to save yourself money, I'm merely suggesting you use a few pro tips to make the process much faster, better quality finished product, and the whole process easier.:cool:

Re: Painting Stucco with Power Roller

A power roller will be inconvenient when painting the second story.

Also, a power roller will use more paint.

I would use a regular roller, with Mr. Long Arm for easy reach. Why not spray? I live in a windy area.
A 32' ladder will help.

Re: Painting Stucco with Power Roller

Painting over stucco with a roller is a hard task. It'll use a lot more product and you won't get an even finish. If you can manage it I would definitely spray. You more than likely will save the money in the amount of product since you'll be using much less of it in the long run.

Best of luck.


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